Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick Day..


Today i got flu and its bad..My head spinning and i dont know what to do.i cant finish my work. What a lazy weeks.Last week we attended one of our friends wedding and i think the foods very delicious but after going back home all of us had stomach aches..hahaha i dont know either why..hmm but we are not get food poisoning i i have put some of our pic on that day..

Nice pic...i hope my day will come..praise to Allah..


  1. Salam ziarah,

    Allah jua lah yang menentukan jodoh yang terbaik buat makhluknya....usrah sikit.....hehehe,

    Nice...happy blogging.

  2. Yup..betul tu..^__^
    ko ni bile abes blaja tuh..
    da sonok duk sn yek?
    silap2 kawin dgn mat salleh..kelas gitu..