Friday, September 11, 2009

Room of LIFE

Do we DARE to walk trough the Darkness Room before we arrive to the Shining Room....???

There's a long room with doors at each end. In this room there is money, attractive people of the opposite sex, success, losing, fear, love and many other kind of secret door that we can enter...

But, also in this room and bottomless pits, traps, hostile persons, and dangerous beasts chained in various places around the room. We must walk through this room, but we may take out of it anything we choose. Now if we have the choice, would we choose to:

(1) go through the room blindfolded,or

(2) go through the room with your eyes open, and with written instructions on which places and people to visit or avoid.

Of course, we would all pick the second choice in a case such as this.
Isn't it ridiculous? then, that we would choose to go through life, the same situation, blindfolded!

Even when there is a means to go through life with a map and our eyes wide open!

So we are given a chance to choose what's the best for us right?
Draw your own MAP!
Live it or leave it! ~_^

1 comment:

  1. Assalamualaikum.

    Ya boleh tahan penangan yang diberikan. Perlu diingat tak semesti semua masalah dapat kita cari punya. Usaha berterusan dan ingat Allah selalu cuba sedaya upaya.